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Employees call a real operator to report their time away from work. These conversations are recorded in case a call needs to be reviewed.

An Acculor Operator Answers the Phone. Yes. We really answer the phone! Acculor operators enter employee absence information into a database for accurate tracking.

Employee absence information is accurately documented. Our operators use Acculor prompt screens when talking with employees. The database- driven system allows us to accurately code and digitally enter time reports based on specific company rules.

Supervisors are Immediately Notified!
Supervisors and others needing immediate notification are sent instant messages about employees via a variety of possible devices, such as wireless messages to pagers, cellular phones and PDAs. In addition, fax, e-mail and Internet reports are also available.

Records are Kept Up-to-Date. Because our data can be integrated with company systems, customers have the option to get Acculor reports from their own database. This means that supervisory personnel, the human resources department and other parties, such as insurance companies, can get accurate information about employee absence as soon as required.

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