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Employee call off line and it's features.

There's one solution that can be easily instituted into any type of business and a very appealing one to say the least. Acculor is alive, phone based employee call off line with three plans to fit your budget. Once a business signs up to use Acculor services, they are given an 800 number which allows every employee and manager to use when calling in for whatever reasons (sick, vacation, FMLA, etc). No matter what shift, day or night, a professional, friendly Acculor Representative will be there to take your call, relaying the necessary information back to the appropriate personnel. All calls are recorded and information is stored in a secure web portal. We know that every business is different and requires certain needs which is why we have customized plans available. There are a number of benefits and features to using Acculor and listed below are just to name a few.

1: All calls are recorded- everyone in the company is given the same call off number to be used when taking a day(s) off. This not only cuts down on the confusion on what manager to call on what day, but also minimizes the buddy system. Using Acculor, you can rest assured that any conflicts that arise on whether an employee called in or not can be easily answered by listening to the call. Recorded calls are a wonderful asset to have to handle any disputes that may end up in court as well. Acculor can provide complete details about how many times a certain employee did or did not call in. Our Acculor tool is designed to take clear, accurate information every time.

2: Unbiased operators taking calls: Utilizing a 3rd part to handle your employee call offs is a great tool to have if your company is running into the buddy system. Not only are you fielding your calls to an unbiased call center to handle and take employee information, it relieves the managers of having to be at their phones 24/7. Keep in mind our advanced system can handle pre-determined ideal points of contact managers. Having an employee call off line configured, our operators know the best ways and times to contact each supervisor.

3: Advanced reporting tool: Acculor doesn't just relay messages in an efficient manner, but compiles information and provides reporting that is available at any time. Acculor has been a positive benefit to the number of companies that have begun using the system. Acculor reporting helps a business better track their unscheduled absentee rate, monitor the days that call-ins likely occur and assess workforce needs and tracks individual employee trends over time. Having this information saved and easily accessible to show trends over the years has been a great tool for businesses to save company dollars.

An employee call off line is a very efficient tool for both employees and employers and provides a streamlined way for calls ins to reach the right people.

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