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Why is time and attendance monitoring so important?

Attendance is among one of the top employee work ethics most valued by employers. Attendance, like all work ethics, affects every aspect of the workplace and the business as well as the company’s bottom line. Poor attendance can result in ineffectiveness, loss of productivity and loss of customers or clients, all of which affect company earnings and profits. Business owners need to make sure they are keeping careful track of employee hours which is one of the main reasons an attendance monitoring system is so important.

There are a number of reasons why discrepancies in employee hourly records happen, and if not fixed, that employee may have grounds for legal action. This could lead to penalties and back pay requirements, which is a huge headache for any company.

When it comes to acquiring insurance, companies are usually required to disclose the number of hours that their full- and part-time employees work.

Now that you have more information as to why a company should establish an attendance policy, you are probably wondering what kind of attendance monitoring system should employers choose? It's important to find one that is not only accurate, but also integrates easily with the company's business software so the information stored can be quickly accessed.

For more information on Acculor and it's services, visit our site below or call 810-984-5141.

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