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Missed work and your bottom line.

It is said by the 2017 Bureau of Labor Statistics that the current employee absentee rate is 2.9%. This might not sound like much, however if you think about a company having 100 employees, on average any given day, about 3 people would not in the office. There are a number of reasons for someone to not be in the office, and all inevitable. Whether it may be the employee is sick, has a family emergency, car trouble, a childcare need and many others. Although, we like to hope employees are honest about their call-ins and take their job and company they work for very seriously, there are a few employees who will bend the rules and abuse their time. Regardless of the reasons for a call-in, missed work has a dramatic impact on your company's bottom line that you might not be aware of.

Absenteeism doesn't just affect the employee, but the company as a whole. When someone misses work not only could they fall behind on their own tasks but also holds many other departments up who work in groups and depend on each other to keep work flow moving.

If a select few employees continuously miss work, other employees feel disgruntled, annoyed but also feel pressure to keep things moving, taking on more responsibilities, which can get them behind on their normal day to day assignments.

As sited in Forbes, "unscheduled absenteeism costs around $3,600 per year for each hourly worker and $2,650 each year for salaried employees". If this occurs, many hourly employees pick up the slack causing them to work overtime which according to SHRM is "used to cover 47% of employee absences".

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