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Beneficial updates made to Acculor

Acculor has some exciting, useful updates that we would like to share with you. Many have expressed interest in an absentee calculator which explains and shows by department, the rate of unscheduled absenteeism. This is a great tool and one we know you will find helpful. Below, I have explained where to find these new reports within the Acculor portal.

Once logged in you can view call logs which shows absence date, employee, absence reason, department, supervisor, and shift which is input by the (Customer Service Rep)CSR. The call log also shows the length of time and any comments that were necessary to note during the call.

You can continue to download reports as you always have with the “download” button or with Acculor’s new report feature, statistics and graphs are produced after selecting the “update” button.

(example of excel file after downloading)

(example of graph shown from "update" button)

An absence summary report is also produced providing a calendar of absent days along with employee, shift, department, absence date(s) and reason for absence.

With Acculor’s “Absence Rate Calculator” feature, you are now able to see by department where unscheduled absentee rates are higher than others. With this new feature, you can sort by date range, department, supervisor, location and shift. In the example below, I have chosen my date range, the number of employees within my organization, as well as how many actual worked days WITHIN the date range. For example, from April thru December, I average 5 worked days per week (4 and 5 weeks each month). Based on the information I logged, my lost worked days are 23 with my absence rate .06%. It’s important to stay as close to the correct # of worked days as you can to calculate the most accurate

Absentee rate.

For more information on Acculor you can contact us below or call 877-984-7224

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